My Hunt For A Delicious Gluten Free Bread Recipe

My Hunt For A Delicious Gluten Free Bread Recipe has not gone so well these last few weeks. With tons of resources available for gluten free recipes online, I thought finding a great bread recipe would be a piece of cake...not so much!

Every gluten free bread recipe I have tried has crumbled to bits, much like the store brands, which only hold together slightly longer because of those "not so natural" ingredients.

I was ready to declare defeat in what was starting to seem like a fruitless mission, until I discovered a recipe from one of my favorite blogs, DIYNatural, that seemed like it would do the trick!
Could it be? Could this be the end of my search?!
Well, yes, and no.

This recipe worked out far beyond my expectations after so many gluten free bread recipe fails! However, there needs to be some adjustments made in regards to cook time, and the ingredients, to really declare this a win.
Although I followed the recipe exactly, and my "inserted stick came out clean", the entire middle of the loaf came out still uncooked...resulting in a flop of a bread. However, the outer parts that were cooked were soft and delicious, so I got a little idea of how it would be had it baked properly!

This is definitely a recipe I will play around with a few times to get it right for us! On my next loaf I will probably remove 2 eggs from the recipe, and bake it for 50-60 minutes.

Here's the downside...this recipe uses a dozen eggs! Yup, you read right...A DOZEN EGGS!
Factoring that little tidbit in, if you are just looking for a gluten free bread, the cost of this just isn't worth it. The only way I could justify making this several times a week would be to avoid the additives and preservatives in store bought bread...maybe it's time to buy a chicken?!

Anyway, you can try it, play with it, and judge it for yourself!